Kristen Kish shares the gut-healthy foods she eats while traveling

Kristen Kish wants you to take care of your gut.

That’s why The head chef host recently partnered with Iberogast to help spread awareness about the need to incorporate gut-healthy ingredients into a standard eating pattern. Because of this partnership, I was invited to interview Kish in person at Dante’s West Village in New York, where I had a gut-healthy lunch (including sourdough and marinated olives from Kish’s Austin restaurateur Arlo Gray!) and I spoke with the chef about how she prioritizes the intestines in her routine.

Read on for more about Kish’s fermented foods, the hydration drink she drinks every morning, and the surprising way she prepares her favorite vegetables in this franchise.

Eating well: Is there anything you do in your daily routine for your gut health?

Had: All that. I exercise for my gut health, muscle health and cardiovascular health every morning. And every morning, I drink water and lemon; it’s really moisturizing. Everything from getting enough sleep when traveling to incorporating other foods into my routine while on the road.

Eating well: What are your go-to travel foods that help you feel better?

Had: Honestly, sauerkraut and kimchi. No matter where you travel in the world, fermented foods in all cultures are very visible and readily available. And for me that’s what I like to do because sometimes you can’t control all the things you want to eat. Sometimes you just want to eat really tasty things! So it’s fermented food for me.

Eating well: Why partner with Iberogast?

Had: My gut health journey goes beyond my gut. It’s taking care of myself as I get older as I have someone else to live my life for. I’m all for including anything that might be useful, willing to try anything, and willing to research and understand more. Anything herbal is always going to be a win for me because I used to take branded stomach tablets that didn’t work for me, so any time I can rely on something more natural is ideal.

Eating well: Favorite vegetable and favorite method of preparation?

Had: OK, honestly, you’re going to be like, Are you sure you’re a professional chef? I’m not even kidding, it comes from my childhood: my favorite vegetable is broccoli, but I like it slightly boiled. I like it a little soft. And then I put butter and soy sauce on it. I think it’s because of how my mom used to make it. I eat bowls and bowls by themselves, or just with white rice or any kind of vegetable. A perfectly cooked piece of broccoli is overcooked, quote me on that.

Eating well: Any summer plans?

Had: This is the second year we have had our garden. So we’re growing all our own lettuce, potatoes, carrots. Our sugar snap peas are [abundant], and you eat them right off the vine. Oh my gosh, they are so sweet and so crunchy and delicious. Raw tomatoes are just coming in. So our garden is kind of the focus right now, and then you start filming season 22 of The head chef.

Eating well: What was the hardest thing about growing up?

Had: When you first start, everything. Everything is difficult. My wife does gardening; I cook items in our garden. Our potatoes are a little short this year, we didn’t get as much as we wanted. I think it was a little under the water, but it’s something to learn for next year.

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