This cannabis company makes a unique find in Germany – Denver’s CBD (OTC:CBDD)

CBD of Denver, Inc. CBDD wants to enter the German cannabis market. They recently announced that they had excelled at the recent Mary Jane Berlin trade fair, where the company offered cannabis samples. The event attracted over 40,000 attendees and featured more than 300 exhibitors, providing a platform for Denver’s CBD to engage with the emerging German cannabis market. The company also announced a revenue forecast of around $300,000 for June 2024.

Strategic Engagement in Germany

The Mary Jane Berlin fair was so large that it exceeded the capacity of the premises. Spaces like that shine with opportunity for cannabis businesses. Denver CBD used this great opportunity to connect with the German cannabis community and tested CheckMyWeed, a handheld NIR spectroscopy tool. The company performed over 600 tests on cannabis samples, providing accurate cannabinoid profiles. Here are the detailed results:

  • THC Flower: 517 samples tested, with THC levels ranging from 5.6% to 25.8%, averaging 16.1%.
  • THC resin: 48 samples tested, with THC content from 16.3% to 60.6%, average 42.6%.
  • CBD flower: 32 samples tested, with CBD levels from 3.5% to 20.7%, average 10.3%.
  • CBD resin: 7 samples tested, with CBD content from 13.2% to 45.3%, average 26.3%.

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Targeting cannabis clubs in Germany

The weed festival served as a platform to showcase innovations and allowed Stefan Rhrl, CSO of Luxora subsidiary to participate as a panelist. Luxora Solutions engaged with various stakeholders to start cannabis clubs that can start their licensing process as early as July 1st. Each federal state in Germany must appoint its own administration to handle this process. The company announced the gathering of more than 50 qualified executives within the cannabis enthusiasts social club.

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The recent legalization of cannabis in Germany has been influenced by the non-profit, member-based model of Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC). This model is commonly seen in Spain, where it is still unregulated. Germany allows a limit of 500 customers per club, allowing for incremental growth within the legal framework. The CSC framework provides a structured but restrictive environment in which these clubs can legally operate. This type of regulatory design prompts companies to be creative when it comes to developing tailored business models where ancillary cannabis may have privileged opportunities.

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