4 Heartbreaking Things People Battling Depression Won’t Tell You

Author: JW Holland

Throughout my life, especially before I started getting treatment, I have had periods where depression and anxiety have almost completely shut me down. I still managed to look alive and well, but inside was nothing but horror. The kind of fear that only allows you to see destruction and everything that ends badly in life.

Not a great feeling at all, but its effect on those around me was just as hard for me to bear.

My wild mood swings strain even the best relationships. It was usually written off as a mood or just a general bad mood, but it was much more.

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Those of you who have struggled with this terrible affliction will understand. The problem, however, is that those who are not cursed with this disease sometimes find it difficult to accept that it is beyond the control of the afflicted person.

What seems trivial to you is blown out of proportion to us and the reactions seem so exaggerated and contradictory.

At my worst, I was a horrible person who couldn’t be reasoned with or comforted. I would throw away whatever common decency I had and unleash my weight on whoever happened to be there. If you made the slightest mistake or said the wrong thing at the wrong time, you saw another side of me, one that I’m not proud of.

Those times were difficult for everyone, especially me. In my mind, even as they were happening, I was yelling at myself to stop, stop! But I couldn’t, I didn’t know how, and sometimes I wonder if I even want to.

I said a lot of things at the time, most of which I regret, but the problem was all the things I couldn’t say. Things that simply wouldn’t or couldn’t come out of my mouth.

My brain won’t allow it; my emotions kept them in place my depression locked them in a place I couldn’t access. Many of us, especially men, find it difficult to fully express our emotions, feelings and thoughts. When you mix depression and anxiety, they become almost impossible.

In those moments, there were things I simply couldn’t say no matter how hard I tried. Many men have the same struggle and it is important to recognize when this is the case.

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