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Five-time Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead has amassed a huge following and is easily one of the most popular bodybuilders on the planet. In a recent YouTube video, Chris Aceto, John Hansen, and Dave Palumbo dive into the debate about the authenticity of Bumstead’s massive Instagram following, questioning whether it’s truly earned or whether there may be other factors at play.

“I wanted to ask you that. Do you think Bumstead’s 22 million followers are legit? Because 22 million is a lot… you know what Jay Cutler has Chris?” asks Palumbo.

Over the years, Chris Bumstead has become the epitome of what the Classic Physique category represents. From her excellent muscle development to her small waist and accentuated V-taper, Bumstead displays timeless proportions and symmetry reminiscent of the Golden Age.

Bumstead regularly shares her journey online, where she has amassed millions of followers across multiple platforms. His ability to be transparent and open about his mental health, dieting and fitness has earned him the trust of not only the bodybuilding community but also those outside of it.

However, it seems that some big names in the sport believe that her Instagram following may be artificially inflated because she boasts more than celebrities such as Angelina Jolie.

Chris Aceto, Dave Palumbo raise eyebrows after Chris Bumstead’s 22m Instagram: ‘Sounds shady’

In a recent YouTube video, Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto take a closer look at Chris Bumstead’s insane following, which they speculate is blowing big names like Jay Cutler out of the water.

“Patrick Bet-David said if he was his manager [of Cbum] he would call the Olympia people and demand the Classic Physique guys get more money. I think female bodybuilders have a better chance of getting more money than Classic Physique.

“Jay is damn popular, I can’t imagine Bumstead having that much more than Jay. It’s not like you know, I don’t know, 20 million is like celebrity country.”

“That’s four times more than Jay,” said Palumbo.

In addition, Cbum’s Instagram audience exceeded the combined successors of bodybuilding legends Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman. Palumbo added that Cbum has more followers than actress Angelina Jolie.

“So Phil, Jay and Coleman together, they don’t compete with Chris,” said Chris Aceto. “It looks a little shady John Hansen.”

– She has more than Angelina Jolie, she has 15 million, Palumbo added. “If you have 20 million, Don’t you think that people like Versace and that these big companies are offering him big money to do a post for them? I mean 20 million followers right.”

Given his Instagram following, Aceto doesn’t understand why mainstream advertisers like Diet Coke haven’t asked to work with him.

“If 20 million, if that was a real number, you’d have advertisers, mainstream advertisers like Diet Coke, who would just have to take a picture of the Diet Coke yellow,” said Chris Aceto.

While Bumstead was only compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger on Patrick Bet-David’s podcast, it seems the similarities aren’t just limited to bodybuilding, but also the impact they have on social media.

“So Bumstead is closing in on Arnold’s territory [on Instagram followers]. 25 [million is what Arnold has]. That’s pretty impressive, Palumbo said. “I mean, Arnold is a big star. It’s… what I’m saying is, 20 million is a lot of followers. It’s not a small number.”

– He went from 20 million to 22 million in a month or something like that in a month or two. So Bumstead is coming up very fast and like I said if they’re legit, which I have no reason to believe they’re not, he should be making, I don’t know how much money he’s making, but he should be making big money at this point.”

“You can usually tell if the accounts are fake by the responses. Like when they post something, if they don’t get as many responses compared to how many followers they have, that’s usually bullshit,” explains John Hansen.

Despite how he has earned such a huge following, some believe he may be missing out on a significant amount of money.

“I can’t believe Nike hasn’t reached out to this guy or something,” said Palumbo.

“Yes, he needs a new agent,” said John Hansen.

It’s certainly understandable why so many people want to pay attention to the five-time Classic Physique champion. From her hair transplant in Turkey to her preventative kidney stem cell surgery, there’s always something interesting going on with Cbum. Not to mention that she and fiancé Courtney King are expecting their first baby together early next year.

Fans, including Dave Palumbo and trainer Chris Aceto, are excited to see what the reigning five-time Classic Physique Olympia winner does next. The community expects his bodybuilding career year after year to have Bumstead chasing his sixth title next year.

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