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Dana Lynn Bailey is a former 2013 Women’s Physique Olympian and, in retirement, continues to play a key role as a bodybuilding ambassador today. On a recent Raw Talk Podcast with Bradley Martyn, DLB offered his thoughts on Sam Sulek, comparing his generation to the late Rich Piana and Bostin Loydia.

In recent months, Sam Sulek has emerged as one of the new stars of the fitness industry. Her fit physique and unconventional weight loss options have attracted attention – both negative and positive. Some fans have argued that he carries too much muscle for a 21-year-old. Sulek’s fanfare continues to rise with names like Joe Rogan and reigning five-time Classic Physique Olympian Chris Bumstead talking about him.

Open star Nick Walker, meanwhile, expressed concern about Sam Sulek and the potential message he is sending to younger audiences. And now it seems that Dana Linn-Bailey shares similar sentiments after comparing her “generation” of fans to the late Rich Piana and Bostin Loyd, both of whom were known as extreme steroid users.

Dana Linn Bailey compares Sam Sulek’s fans to the Piana of the late rich and Bostin Loyd

According to Dana Linn-Bailey, Sam Sulek may have passed as a 40-year-old man.

“Think like all the kids, you got like you know, like Sam Sulek, that dude is what… 20…” said DLB.

“I think he’s 22 or something, maybe 23,” said Bradley Martyn.

“Shit, if you told me he was 40 years old, I would have believed you,” said Dana Linn-Bailey.

Given his openness in the videos, Dana Linn Bailey compared Sam Sulek’s “young generation” to the followers of the late Rich Piana and Bostin Loyd.

“I love Rich Piana, but the ensemble just talks freely about everything. They like, it’s almost like glamorized,” Bailey said. “No, he doesn’t talk about it [Sam Sulek] but the young generation yes. Oh my God. What is that dude, he died a couple of years ago, so sad. But, Bostin Lloyds, Bostin Lloyds.

“But like everybody just went, ‘Oh, this is what you have to do.'” The problem is, there’s people on the Internet like Greg Doucette, he just makes videos, YouTube videos, he gets views just saying Dana Linn Bailey is fucking liar.

Sulek has received mixed reactions from the bodybuilding community, although 2023 Olympia third seed Samson Dauda couldn’t be more impressed with how the 21-year-old star has handled his newfound fame. Dauda, ​​who shares a sponsorship with Sulek, believes he has his “head on straight” and just loves lifting weights.

In addition to the “Lion of Nigeria”, bodybuilding legend and former eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman shared his thoughts on the popular influencer. He approved of some of Sulek’s craziest gym moves and invited him to train.

After seeing the rise of the fitness community online, it’s always interesting to hear from Dana Linn Bailey about the latest trends. He gives back to the sport in retirement and never shies away from exercises or trendy topics.

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Watch the full video on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk Podcast below:

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