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Currently a student at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Minh participated in the 2023 Miss Grand Vietnam pageant. She also works as a freelance model thanks to her ideal height and body measurements.

Minh's height and looks help him stand out from the crowd.  Photo: Minh

Minh’s height and looks help him stand out from the crowd. Photo: Minh

The young woman has been taller than most of her peers since childhood. He was over 1.7 meters tall at the age of 16, but his father is only 1.69 meters tall and his mother is 1.64 meters tall.

Therefore, Minh believes that the combination of diet, exercise and drinking cow’s milk is behind his excellent height.

Since Minhs family owns a farm with organic vegetables and dairy cows, he is able to drink fresh milk every day. Sometimes he consumes up to two liters of milk a day. He usually drinks before breakfast, in the afternoon and two hours before bed.

According to the health care news platform Health, milk is a rich source of energy, protein, calcium and vitamin D, making it essential for building and maintaining strong bones and improving bone density. Cow’s or goat’s milk is good for children’s growth, and alternatives such as rice, almond, soy, coconut, cashew and oat milk also help the development process, said Dr. Le Bach Mai, former director of Vietnam’s National Institute of Nutrition.

The institute recommends the average adult take 800-1000 mg of calcium per day. This can come from food, milk and other supplements. A 200 ml cup of cow’s milk contains 240 mg of calcium, so a person can consume two to three cups of milk a day.

Minh learned from the Internet that both nutrition and lifestyle affect height. Critical times for intervention are the mother’s pregnancy, the child’s first two years and the period before puberty. Parents are advised to give their children enough of the necessary nutrients during these times and to take care of sufficient sleep and regular exercise.

Minh started practicing often during his high school years by going to school basketball and handball clubs. He also spends 30 minutes every day doing squats to improve his body.

Another habit that Minh tries to maintain is to go to bed early and sleep eight hours a day.

“I always go to bed before 10 p.m. except when I have to revise things to prepare for my exams,” she said.

Minh's height helps her a lot as a freelance model.  Photo: Minh

Minh’s height helps her a lot as a freelance model. Photo: Minh

When it comes to his dietary habits, Minh follows the “handful diet” rule to stay in shape. News site Good health describes this rule as a simple method of calculating the amount of food for the day, which is also Minh’s purpose. He eats a fist-sized portion of vegetables and the same amount of protein for a meal. At the same time, her fat intake at each meal is only the size of a finger.

He also drinks 1.5 liters of water daily in addition to consuming milk. He avoids soft drinks, salty food and animal protein as much as possible, but prioritizes fiber-rich food.

He starts each meal by eating vegetables and fruits, then protein-rich food sources, and finally carbohydrate-rich foods.

Before participating in the Miss Grand Vietnam pageant, Minh also practiced intermittent fasting. Those who follow this method often do not take anything into their bodies for 16-24 hours straight. For Minh, he did that twice a week.

“I’m exhausted and find it hard to concentrate whenever I use this method, so I don’t use it often,” Minh said.

Minh wants to grow three to five centimeters taller because he believes it will give him a better chance of winning beauty pageants. She says it will be a challenge for her as her busy schedule makes it difficult for her to strictly follow her diet and get enough sleep, but she will try.

“I have to be determined and strict with myself and combine different rules of diet and exercise to look good,” Minh said.

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