Fake Ozempic warning issued after thousands of units seized by FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is advising extra caution after seizing thousands of units of counterfeit Ozempic products, according to a statement released Thursday.

According to the agency, imitation drugs have been linked to five cases of illness, but none have been reported as serious. Those who used counterfeit doses have reported side effects consistent with the original product, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and constipation.

Although the FDA and Novo Nordisk, the maker of Ozempic, have already collected and are testing thousands of samples, they have warned that some counterfeit products may still be available for purchase.

Therefore, wholesalers, retail pharmacies, healthcare professionals and patients are advised to check the semaglutide they have received to ensure that it is not part of a mis-delivery marked with batch number NAR0074 and serial number 430834149057.

Products with batch number NAR0074 and serial number 430834149057 may not be used or sold.

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Watch out for fakes

The FDA recommends that retail pharmacies purchase genuine Ozempic products only through authorized Novo Nordisk distributors.

The FDA and Novo Nordisk are currently testing the collected samples to determine their content, safety and efficacy. So far, they have determined that the pen labels on the products, information from healthcare professionals and patients, and the packaging that the medicine is in are all fake.

Importantly, the needles were also found to be counterfeit, meaning their sterility could not be confirmed and could increase patients’ risk of infection.

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