I’m a beauty influencer – these are the wellness tips that will “improve your life”… and why you should ditch the GYM

The beauty influencer has won legions of fans after sharing wellness and lifestyle tips that “changed her life.”

Anna Annora from the US, who has over 162,000 followers on TikTokusing under the handle @anna_annora, recently revealed the secrets that allowed her life to do a “complete 180”.

She told viewers: “These are wellness and lifestyle tips that will completely change your life. I speak from experience because in the last five months my life has done a 180.

“I was up to seven kilos very sustainably and I know I can keep it off.”

The beauty influencer has garnered views on social media after sharing wellness and lifestyle tips that “changed her life”

Try regular stacking

The first tip the beauty influencer talked about is a process she called “habit stacking.”

She explained: “This is when you combine something you already do with something you haven’t done as an incentive to incorporate a new routine into your life.

“If you’ve been wanting to start some oil pulling, but standing there and screaming oil into your mouth for ten minutes sounds really boring, this is something I’ve been stocking up on in the shower.

“Since my showers already last about 10-15 minutes, I scream oil the entire time I shower.”

She added: “When I’m in the shower I also use gua sha. So now it’s oil pulling and Gua Sha [a skin care routine] has become part of my shower routine, it’s easily repeatable because I shower every day.

‘This next one is definitely my favorite and focuses on oiling the hair.

‘If you want to get into scalp oiling to improve hair growth, I’ve found that if I tend to incorporate scalp oiling into my workout routine, I never miss a scalp oil day.

Anna Annora from the US, who has more than 162,000 followers on TikTok using her handle @anna_annora, regularly makes makeup tutorials – as well as the occasional skincare and wellness tip.

Anna Annora from the US, who has more than 162,000 followers on TikTok using her handle @anna_annora, regularly makes makeup tutorials – as well as the occasional skincare and wellness tip.

Beauty influencerAnna Annora’s wellness advisor who “changed her life”

  • Try regular stacking
  • Swap the gym for yoga
  • Try psyllium husk if you struggle with digestive issues
  • Drink apple cider vinegar before eating
  • Drink a “night” cocktail before going to bed
  • Journal
  • Try apoptogenic mushrooms
  • Cut out caffeine

“For me, my primary practice is yoga, so I apply and massage rosemary oil into my scalp before going to yoga class when I’m getting ready.

“Since the class is typically an hour long and the room is heated, the oil stays on my scalp for the perfect amount of time, and since I’m already sweaty when I get back from yoga, I wash my hair anyway.”

Swap the gym for yoga

Moving on to her second piece of advice, Anna continued, “This is also the perfect Segway to talk about how yoga completely changed the way I see exercise.

– I used to go to the gym and go running and weight lifting and do different exercises like that, but I never saw any improvements in my body.

She revealed that she “never really felt completely aligned or happy when I was there,” and one day a friend recommended she start taking yoga classes, and it “completely changed” her life.

Anna said: “It’s as much a mental exercise as a physical exercise – a lot of people underestimate what a great exercise yoga really is.

“In this age of technology and high stress, it feels like the only time I can fully disconnect and connect with my spirituality – it’s been incredibly emotionally liberating and my posture has never been better in my life.

“It’s also about the weight loss, I’ve always thought I just have a body type that really carries more fat in my stomach, but I look leaner and fitter than ever.

She urged her followers: “It’s a no-brainer to me, if you can afford a yoga pass to a studio, go”.

Try psyllium husk if you struggle with digestive issues

Next, she recommends, “If you struggle with digestive issues, like I do with IBS, add a special fiber called psyllium husks.”

Psyllium husk is a naturally occurring, plant-based source of fiber. It is best known for its ability to cure constipation.

In the UK you can get your hands on it in stores such as Holland and Barrett and Wholefoods.

Anna explained: “Maybe you’ve heard of Metamucil, it’s a generic brand name that a lot of people know, but it has additives, so I just use pure psyllium husk.

“Mix one teaspoon in eight ounces of water morning and night. You squeeze it and then make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day.

“This type of fiber forms a gel in the gut and it just scrapes the inside of everybody’s gut. It’s the type of fiber we’re least likely to find in the Western diet because we’ve eliminated it from all food.

She claims, “This fiber makes people with even the worst IBS symptoms completely regular. I’m telling you that because I’m completely regular now.

“It also prevents insulin spikes, so if you drink psyllium right before you eat, it keeps your blood sugar closer to your baseline target range instead of spiking your insulin, which is really bad for you.”

Dr Hana Patel, NHS GP advises: Doctors use and prescribe psyllium husks (also known as ispaghula husks) to relieve constipation if you cannot increase the amount of bran in your diet or if it is not enough.

“Psyllium husk, a laxative, works by increasing the volume of stools, which encourages your intestines to move stools through the digestive tract, which in turn ​​​​​​​​​relieves constipation”.

“Products containing psyllium husks are available with a prescription and can also be bought without a prescription at pharmacies and other retail outlets”.

Dr Hana Patel, an NHS GP, emphasized the advice through expert opinion

Dr Hana Patel, an NHS GP, emphasized the advice through expert opinion

Drink apple cider vinegar before eating

The beauty influencer’s fourth piece of advice is to drink apple cider vinegar before eating.

She revealed: “How I balance this with psyllium husk is I do psyllium husk before breakfast, before lunch I do apple cider vinegar and then before dinner I have psyllium husk because it’s more important for me to get fiber in the morning and at night.

“Then eat a larger, more fibrin-rich lunch paired with apple cider vinegar.”

Dr. Patel adds, “Vinegars contain bioactive compounds, nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

All of these compounds absorb vinegar, which has health benefits even in small doses, such as acetic acid at 0.3% of total food intake or 15-30 ml (1-2 tablespoons) of cider vinegar.

“There have been studies and studies that show these health benefits include lowering cholesterol and lipid levels, antioxidant properties, enzyme inhibitors, gene expression inhibitors, anti-diabetic effects, lowering blood pressure, preventing heart disease, and antimicrobial properties.”

Have an “evening cocktail” and a journal

Moving on to her evening rituals, she says, “Also, after I’ve had dinner and everything, I like to make myself an evening cocktail.

“I jumped on the magnesium cherry evening cocktail trend that started here on TikTok”.

Last year’s trend saw more and more users praising cherry juice for its powers, which they claim help cure their insomnia.

In the past, medical experts confirmed the sleep-enhancing powers of fruit juice and attributed it to tryptophan, which increases melatonin production.

Anna raved: “It’s honestly made such a difference to how I’m able to sleep at night. It’s also just a great way to have a stacking ritual, to get back into it.

“I sip my little drink, edit the content or journal. Journaling has really improved my life because I can get all my thoughts, which are like living up here, on paper, write my manifestations and track my goals and stuff, keep myself accountable.

“Mostly, it’s a time of reflection that many of us don’t get anymore because it’s such a vibrant culture, especially in America.”

However, this could be a placebo effect, as an NHS GP explained: “A study was conducted looking at the use of tart cherry supplements, which are rich in antioxidants and may contain melatonin, on health-related parameters such as sleep, body composition, cellular health and blood pressure (BP).

“Despite the potential benefits of antioxidants and melatonin in this study, researchers found no improvements in sleep duration or quality, cellular health, or blood pressure in those taking the cherry supplement.”

Try apoptogenic mushrooms and cut out caffeine

Finally, the health and wellness fanatic talked about apoptogenic mushrooms and how they have helped him.

She told viewers: “Of course I can’t forget the apoptogenic mushrooms. I take a complex mushroom mixture every single day.

“This blend improves cognition, prevents cancer, and honestly, it’s because of curing my depression.

“Mushrooms are magic, I totally believe that. Being someone who is prone to anxiety, I also say it’s good to cut back on caffeine or stop it altogether.

Addendum: “I didn’t drink caffeine for about three years and just this year, before I could manage my anxiety levels, I reintroduced morning matcha.

“I love matcha, it’s one of my favorite flavors, but it’s also a really good antioxidant. I prefer the way the caffeine hits matcha versus the way it hits coffee.

“I recommend switching to tea if possible to avoid the caffeine crash.”

Speaking about the mushroom blend, Dr. Patel said, “Scientists need to conduct more studies to fully understand the effects of apoptogenic fungi on the stress response.

“In animal and single-cell experiments, mushrooms have been shown in some studies to reduce inflammation in the body, support mood-elevating neurotransmitters, and reduce elevated cortisol levels.”

At the end of the video, Anna concluded, “There’s probably more, but I’m just mentioning that today because these are the things I can remember in my head.

“But I’ll leave you with this – I never thought I’d get to a point in my life where I was completely happy in my skin and feeling my best until I made a lot of these lifestyle changes.

“It sounds like a lot to me at first, but one day you wake up and it’s just your life now and that’s just how you deal with it. I really, really hope this helped.”

Viewers were quick to praise the advice with one writing: “Yep [sic]. Totally agree with yoga. I started working out recently and have been so much more present in general, it’s so good for me mentally.

Another post: “Habit stacking has really changed my year. Listening to a finance podcast while catching up on a new running show keeps me motivated and consistent.

A third wrote: “As someone with IBS, anxiety and trying to lose weight on my stomach, thank you this video hit all the marks hahaha”.

Meanwhile, the others shouted, “Brb [sic] do yoga at home every day” and “run to Amazon for psyllium husk. Thanks for the recommendation.’

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