More services to improve perinatal mental health care were required

OAKHAM Jennifer Ford knew something was wrong after the birth of her second child, Mckinley.

It was a difficult birth and four days after an emergency C-section at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Ford returned home to Oakham and settled into family life.

But within days her mood changed: “Suddenly the house didn’t feel like my house.”

Ford had a hard time connecting with Mckinley, had constant bouts of crying, and his mood plummeted to the point where he contemplated suicide: I felt like (my family) deserved better. That they would be better off without me.

She shared these feelings with her husband, Andrew, who immediately took action. Ford’s obstetrician was called and the final diagnosis was postpartum depression.

Ford connected with the Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Program for Moms, which provided the mental health services she needed. His medication was adjusted, he immediately got an appointment with a psychiatrist and a social worker managed his treatment.

“After a few months, I noticed a change,” said Ford, who finally realized the joy of her second child.

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