Our best wellness tips and stories from 2023

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Happy Thursday. This week we looked back at our best advice and some of your favorite stories in 2023. But before that

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Your favorite story in 2023

Readers were fascinated this year by the story of a young student who suddenly developed psychosis and became catatonic. Solving the mystery of his illness took 20 years and a chance encounter with a doctor who had been haunted by a patient case as a medical student.

This is the story of April Burrell and the doctor who was determined to help her. It is an uplifting story of both science and the human spirit. Hope you enjoy it.

Our healthiest eating tips

I’ve learned a lot about healthy eating from Anahad OConnor, whose Eating Lab column remains one of your favorite Well+Being features. You will never hear Anahad telling you to lose weight or deprive yourself. Instead, her advice focuses on how to add healthy foods to your daily eating routine. He recently condensed years’ worth of advice into this helpful column with seven of his favorite tips.

Our most popular fitness story

Our fitness columnist Gretchen Reynolds always has helpful tips for staying active and avoiding the dangers of sitting. Our most popular fitness story of the year was about rethinking the 10,000 daily steps mantra. It turns out that you really don’t need to take 10,000 steps to be healthy. Gretchen includes this story in our new guide, which presents our top seven tips for 2023 for building an exercise habit.

Our Brain Matters columnist Richard Sima delights us every week with his column about the role of the brain in terms of our health and happiness. His most popular column of the year is this delightful audio experience, with insights into the mental health benefits of birdsong. Tune in and enjoy chirping.

And more on Brain Matters, Richard has compiled his best brain tips of the year.

Sleep is your health goal

Each week we ask therapists, psychologists and other mental health experts to share their insights and advice. This year, your favorite On Your Mind column told you how to cope with night waking.

Your most important questions for your doctor

Our Ask the Doctor columnist, Dr. Trisha Pasricha, fearlessly answers readers’ questions about bathroom issues, supplements, and anything else on your mind. No question is off limits, as we learned this year when our most popular column was about poop density and color.

We’ve compiled our top 10 health tips from this year’s Ask the Doctor column.

Bonus holiday gift: A simple and quick winter workout

Try this fun and simple 11-minute workout that you can do indoors or outdoors. It includes three bodyweight exercises, squat thrusts, knee thrusts, and mountain climbers that you do one minute at a time before resting. Get a timer and watch the videos for a brisk and fun workout that will give you energy for the holiday season.

Happy holidays from the Well+Being team! We wish you all a safe, happy and joyful holiday.

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