My baby needed 6 blood transfusions while in the womb. Postpartum depression didn’t hit me until I knew she was fine months later.

The champion powerlifter shares his protein-rich vegan diet and workout routine

Courtney Yeager’s antibodies started attacking her son when Yaeger was pregnant. The doctors gave the fetus blood transfusions in the umbilical cord. The stress of the situation contributed to Yaeger’s …

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A new study suggests that pregnant women who take Xanax and Valium are at least 40 percent more likely to miscarry.

Benzodiazepines, also called benzos, are a group of drugs used to treat insomnia, seizures, and anxiety disorders.  The most well-known drugs are Xanax, Valium, Ativan and Klonopin

A popular anti-anxiety drug may be putting more than a million pregnant women at risk of miscarriage, a new study suggests. Taiwanese researchers studied more than 3 million pregnancies in …

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Six months ago, Meredith couldn’t shower or drive. He says the electrotherapy saved his life

A woman in a bright outfit and hat

Walking the streets of Alice Springs, town crier Meredith Campbell rings a bell and greets people she passes. She smiles brightly and says moments like these still feel like miracles. …

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FE Mental Health Series | You are just sad and not depressed; Stop using serious mental disorders as adjectives – News Healthcare

The year 2023 witnessed a surge in the emphasis on health and wellness, and our beloved stars were no exception.

Trigger warning: depression, suicide “I’m so depressed.” “This assignment makes me anxious.” I have so much PTSD from today’s heavy traffic.” “He loves to clean too much. He has OCD.” …

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Subscription-based healthcare can deliver medicine to your door – but its rise worries some experts

Subscription-based healthcare can deliver medicine to your door - but its rise worries some experts

Do you need help losing weight or treating depression? How about a pill that lowers cholesterol and treats erectile dysfunction? Online subscription services for treatment have grown far beyond their …

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