The goal of the Northville Township business is to help people achieve their fitness goals

NORTHVILLE TWP. Employees at the newly opened StretchLab are gearing up for a busy month to help those with health and fitness goals for the new year.

The studio, 17941 Haggerty Road, bills itself as a unique wellness concept offering customized stretching treatments for all ages and abilities.

In early December, owner Shawn Byrnes hosted a grand opening event.

January will be the busiest month, said Byrnes, who also owns StretchLab in West Bloomfield. People always invest in their bodies, always in their health, especially in January. It’s a good time for us all to reset.

Shawn Byrnes owns and operates the new StretchLab location at 17941 Haggerty Road in Northville Township.

He said that in January, the studio will offer specials for those interested in learning what StretchLab has to offer.

Our clientele is really anyone and every body,” Byrnes said. It’s for super active people or people trying to get back into being active.


Founded in 2017, StretchLab is part of Xponential Fitness, a large franchise group of boutique fitness brands, and now has over 400 studios across the United States.

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