These are my favorite products for anxious kids

According to the National Institutes of Health, one in eight children suffer from a child anxiety disorder, and it can take a lot of patience on the part of parents to help their children calm down. The good news for moms and dads is that there are many quality products that can help reduce anxious feelings and provide comfort. Here is a list of my favorite products to help reduce stress and ease busy young minds.

A compression sheet

This compression sheet is a great alternative to weighted blankets if they don’t work well for your child. Its flexible, breathable fabric gently cradles your baby, keeping him calm all night long. Although some reviews say that getting this sheet into bed can be challenging, most parents agree that it’s a small price to pay for their child to get a good night’s sleep.

Noise canceling headphones

Too many sounds can increase children’s anxiety. Buyers of these headphones praise that they are perfect for canceling sound in noisy environments, while users can still have a conversation with their parents when they are nearby. They also have soft ear cushions and are fully adjustable for your child’s comfort.


When anxiety strikes, the nails are usually the first to go. These dog paw shaped silicone pendants offer a healthy alternative for your child’s fingers, giving them the stimulation they need and looking cool enough to avoid teasing others. They can also be easily washed with hot water or in the dishwasher.

Warm Pals weighted plush

Goods bring a smile to every child’s face, but research shows that they also help children experience great emotions and feel supported. These warm friends help children suffering from anxiety with a weighted grain filling and its soothing lavender scent. They can also be heated or cooled if your child is sensitive to temperature.

Sensory swing indoors

In addition to being very cool in your home, this indoor swing can calm an anxious child. This easy-to-install product, which can hold up to 220 pounds, provides a soothing experience for children with a durable fabric that seats your child.

Sound machine

I don’t know what I would have done if my boys didn’t have a white noise machine to put them to sleep. Even now, their room is so relaxing that it keeps away the roaring engines of the traffic outside our home. This model has 25 sounds, has a timer and doubles as a night light to give kids extra comfort.

Triple easel

By Very family, anxious kids should have plenty of art supplies close at hand because drawing, coloring, and painting can help them cope with big feelings and emotions. This 185-piece art set has all the oil pastels, watercolors, markers and papers an artist needs. It also includes a double-sided easel, allowing young Monets to take this set anywhere and look for inspiration for their next masterpiece.

Monster Stomp game

What child hasn’t wanted to banish their fear? That’s the goal of this award-winning role-playing game for ages 4+. As players whack the monster they’ve created with the included modeling clay, they must talk about other monsters in the world, such as darkness, disease, and other things that scare them, giving anxious kids a sense of control. what they are most worried about.

A magnet for emotions

My boys have a version of this magnet in their classrooms because it helps them build self-awareness, and the more aware a child is of their emotions, the better they can process and control the way they respond to those emotions. By quietly stating whether they are happy, anxious, or sad, families can be open to discussing why they feel the way they do.

Yoga card set

Any form of exercise is great for reducing stress and anxiety, and yoga in particular can be a mood lifter that helps children feel better. There are many ways for kids to get involved in yoga classes, whether it’s YouTube videos aimed at young people or you attending a session. However, these Illustrated Cards can go with them anywhere, so if they want to practice sunflower pose in the park or child’s pose in the living room, they’re readily available when they need some anxiety relief.

Recommended products to reduce your child’s anxiety:

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