What is comfortable cardio? Here’s what happened when I tried this TikTok trend

I know what you’re thinking, the words “cozy” and “cardio” are opposites, and there’s no way you can combine the two as a comfortable way to work out on a daily basis.

This is exactly what I thought when I heard about the new trend. Cardio is not comfortable! Its sweaty, breathless, exhilarating, exhausting and about as far from cozy as it gets. How the adjective I use to describe lounging in pajamas and re-watching? Office can be applied to the heart pounding activities I do to stay fit?

Wanting to find out, I did some research on nice cardio and decided to give it a try. Remember that what works for me may not work for you, as with all exercise, make sure you check with your doctor before starting a new fitness program.

What is comfortable cardio?

First introduced in a the now viral TikTok, creator Hope Zuckerbrow coined the term Cozy cardio to describe her early morning workout routine: she wakes up before sunrise, makes an iced protein coffee, lights a few scented candles in a dark room, finds a TV show or movie she wants to watch. , then jump on the treadmill for 40 minutes. By the end of his workout, he had walked 1.65 miles and burned nearly 170 calories (I note here that calorie counts on most cardio equipment are woefully inaccurate, but the number of calories you burn isn’t really focused on in more detail below).

Inside something follow TikTok, Zuckerbrow further explained the cozy cardio trend. I want Cozy Kardio to be a movement where women can restore their relationship with exercise, she said. Cozy cardio was started to improve my own relationship with exercise, but it quickly turned into a kind of meditative self-love. Its purpose is to take the pressure off. Its purpose is to help you enjoy exercise again. It’s meant to teach you that you should take your time. Your body deserves it, but your mind does more.

She adds that while she enjoys walking on her treadmill, she’s also been known to do a 30-minute workout on her living room floor. Cozy looks different to everyone, but my version looks like mood lighting, the flickering of a candle, the taste of my favorite protein coffee, or the comfort of the show Im binging. I only applied it in my training.

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That’s what happened when I tried cardio at home

There’s nothing about my regular cardio routine that would ever be considered cozy, so I knew that experimenting with this trend would be out of the ordinary.

Since I don’t have a treadmill, I decided to hop on my spin bike instead. Fortunately, the timing of this challenge worked out brilliantly, the Christmas tree lights created a beautiful atmosphere that was perfect for the cozy bill. I lit a few candles, found a documentary on Max Ive that I had been waiting to watch, and started pedaling. Here are some things I noticed about my comfortable cardio:

It reminded me a lot of SoulCycle

Before the pandemic, Id was known to take a few SoulCycle classes every now and then. The main thing that always drew me to the studio, the unique atmosphere was beautifully recreated in my cozy cardio experience.

Loud music, an even louder director, and the frantic energy of bodies pedaling to the beat were missing, but you can always turn up the volume on your favorite playlist and get at least one of them back.

I forgot to exercise

About 15 minutes into my 45-minute cozy cardio workout, I forgot I was even working out. My breathing was steady and under control, my heart rate was slightly elevated but not disruptive, and my attention was focused on the show I was watching.

For someone who hates exercise, the cozy Kardio can be a real game changer. All the cozy elements really do wonders to distract you from the fact that you are currently doing cardiovascular exercise.

Time passed really fast

When my Apple Watch buzzed to signal that my 45 minutes of comfortable cardio was over, I was really bummed. If you had asked me right now, I would have estimated that 15 or 20 minutes would have passed.

Again, this could be pretty groundbreaking for those who hate cardio. Instead of counting every second in utter agony, the minutes will pass as you enjoy your surroundings.

I realized that I have been (unknowingly) recommending it to clients for years

As a personal trainer, I notice that many of my clients have difficulty adjusting to training alone. Whether it’s a lack of time or a lack of motivation, taking 30 minutes to walk, bike or do a few resistance training rounds can be quite a daunting prospect.

A trick often used is to record your favorite TV show, podcast episode, or new album for release. Not only does it motivate you to exercise, but you associate movement with something you enjoy. It seems to be the same idea behind the movement that combines comfortable cardio movements with an enjoyable sensory experience.

Judgment? I can definitely see both the physical and mental benefits of a nice cardio workout. As creator Hope Zuckerbrow described it, the whole experience felt very meditative and self-soothing, which most people never describe exercise as.

At the end of the day, though, my Personality is better suited to more traditional cardio sports. With the treadmill and elliptical, the sweaty intensity keeps my mood balanced. For those who think otherwise, rejuvenating cardio is a revolutionary way to make it a lifelong habit.

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